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International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is kept secret by its legion of spies.

Now, the word is out, but only for those who are worthy.

OOH ads will feature cryptic messages that can be decoded manually or by taking a picture of the poster.

The first 20 people to decode each poster will receive some International Spy Museum swag.


spyglasses (1).jpg
spyshirt (1).jpg
spysticker (1).jpg

This direct mailer will be sent to people who have previously visited the museum.

Looking in the mirror is the only way to read it.


Decoded message:

Location Alpha is under attack. Retreat to Location Beta: 700 L’enfant Plaza on May 12th at 0900 hours. Bring nothing. Tell no one. Good luck Agent _____. Everything will be revealed in good time. 



Art director: Na'im Carlyle

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